Reading Her Signals

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Reading Her Signals

  1. She Loves You

    You know a girl loves you when she gives you 100 percent of her time and attention. When girls are in love, they smile and giggle all the time. They want to be close and touching you. (Not in a sicko kind of way). They like to hold hands, sit close ... anything to be near you. They will also bat their eyelashes and laugh when you do.


  2. Wants to Kiss You

    Things would be so much easier if she would make the first move, wouldn't it? Well, here are some signs that she wants you to kiss her. If a girl touches her mouth or bites her lip when talking to you, then she wants you to make the first move. If she's playfully nibbling on a nail and she's not fishing for spinach, then you're in.


  3. Thinks You're a Jerk

    If she doesn't come right out and tell you that you're a jerk, then you may need to read her body language. Girls who think you are a jerk will cross their arms when talking to you and raise their eyebrows while looking annoyed. Of course, there's always the clear sign when they punch you in the stomach, but we figured you'd get that one.


  4. Wants to Be Friends

    This one is tricky. How do you distinguish friendliness and flirting? If she doesn't drop any hints that she wants to be more, then that's your sign. For instance, she won't touch her lips when talking to you, or your hand or arm when joking around. She will be like one of the guys, only with "girl parts."


  5. Confused by You

    Guys and girls are so different and some times we don't pick up on each others signals. You can tell that a girl is confused by you just by looking at her face. She will literally look confused by your words or actions. Also, if she has distanced herself from you lately, then there is a good possibility that signals got crossed.


  6. You Don't Exist

    If she calls you Jason when your name is James, then that's your first clue that she has no idea you exist. Girls won't notice you unless you make yourself known. They tend to put guys on their radar who are confident and intrigue them. If you want her to know you exist, then step up and make your 


  7. Not Listening to You

    If you get a lot of responses like "huh?" or "what?" then she's not listening to you. Typically girls' minds run like a million times a minute (scientific fact) and unless you are talking about something she cares about or can relate to, then she will tune you out. Her eyes will wander. Come up with a topic that will interest her.


  8. She'd Rather Be Doing Her Nails

    This is probably the most obvious signal a girl sends. She might roll her eyes, scrunch her mouth up to one side, put her hands on her hips and possibly tap her foot or even stomp. She will tell you "I don't care," or "Fine," but read her body language. She would MUCH rather be doing ANYTHING else.


Illustration from Clyde Mendes column at  MetroSexual LA


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