Annoying Girl Habits

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Annoying Girl Habits

  1. Potty Mouth

    Wow ... did you just hear what she said? Girls, please lose the cursing. We're warning you ... it's hard to quit. We have a couple of RED editors who swear like sailors and trust us, it's not pretty. We have no excuse, but luckily you are young enough that you can stop now if you want to. You will be better for it if you do. There is nothing worse than when an f-bomb drops in front of your teacher.
  2. Psst ... Guess What?

    What is the deal with gossiping, ladies? Come on ... enough already! Not only is it rude, but no one will want to tell you anything after awhile because you can't keep your mouth shut. This is one of the most annoying habits that girls tend to do and, really, we could do without it completely.
  3. Don't Do It

    Didn't anyone ever tell you that rolling your eyes is RUDE? Well, if not, then we will. This is an obvious response to being annoyed, but seriously, have you looked at yourself in the mirror when you do that? It's hideous. Now do yourself and the rest of the world a favor and NEVER do that again. We mean it!
  4. Battling Your Bra

    Find a bra that fits and then leave it ALONE! Enough with all the constant adjusting. Straps, we can all deal with, but the scratching and shifting of "the girls" is just way too much for any of us to even bear. Think of this like a guy adjusting his junk ... it's not pretty when you adjust YOUR stuff, either.
  5. Close Your Legs

    Do we even need to explain this one? Let's think about this for a moment ... why would sitting with your legs WIDE open be bad? Hmm. We aren't saying that you need to be all proper and sit with your legs crossed all day, but have a little decency and keep your legs close together. No one wants another Britney Spears incident on their hands.
  6. Smoking Is Not Hot

    This goes for both guys and girls. Smoking is disgusting and just because you are old enough doesn't mean that all of a sudden it's attractive. It reeks and makes YOU stink, turns your teeth yellow, creates more phlegm, makes you grow dark facial hair -- not to mention it's bad for your body. It's all-around disgusting, for both guys and girls. Don't start to begin with and if you do, then quit.
  7. Quit Being a Nag

    Women are known to nag and we assume most of the time this is due to men not understanding what we want. But that doesn't mean that nagging is OK. It's annoying. You need to find another way to get through to the people in your life. Learn to communicate properly, because nagging is really unattractive and will scare guys off.
  8. Lose the 'Likes'

    Just because celebrities act like idiots (ahem, Paris Hilton), it doesn't mean that sounding stupid and flaking out is cool. "I was, like, OMG." Please spare us the constant 'OMGs' and 'likes' because guys don't want to date a dumb girl. They'll hook up with you because you seem stupid and easy, but they won't want a relationship.
  9. Ring Ring Ring

    Enough already with the nonstop phone calls and texting. Girls tend to do this when they are gossiping, or if they are obsessing over a guy. Trust us, guys don't like talking all the time. They need their space, too. So before you get too cell phone happy, why don't you consider cutting back and not looking like a total stalker with no life? Glad we cleared that up.
  10. Keep It Simple

    OK, why don't you tell us what REALLY happened? Because we're just not buying this story one bit. Girls have a tendency to exaggerate the truth and we'd like to think it's just that they are really creative, but we don't think so. Just keep the story simple, and you'll realize that not working extra hard to make the story more interesting will be much easier on you.
  11. Picking Your Butt

    We don't care whether you wear your jeans skintight or loose, just please don't go digging when the seam along your butt starts looking for a place to hide. Deal with your wedgies in private, or just find a pair of pants (or underwear) that fit you better, please. There's nothing more disgusting then a girl picking her wedgie and then wanting to hold hands ... ewww.
  12. Cracking Knuckles

    Both guys and girls have the habit of cracking their knuckles. We're not sure why people get addicted to this, but it really isn't attractive. We heard that when you crack your knuckles, it makes them bigger. There may be no truth to that at all, but it made us think twice about it when our mothers told us that. Just don't do it ... it sounds gross and makes us wince.
  13. Debbie Downer

    Save it for someone who cares, honey! We just cannot deal with the whining. We know that not ALL girls do this, but between guys and girls ... girls do it more. Maybe you think this is endearing to those around you that you can lean on them, but after awhile (a short while), it goes from annoying to downright pitiful. Certainly talk about things that bother you, but don't be a constant downer.

Illustration from Clyde Mendes column at  MetroSexual LA

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