What Women Find Attractive in Men?

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What Women Find Attractive in Men?

Every women has their list of qualities that attract them to men. From my research, these are some of the qualities I think women find most attractive in men.

Attributes Which Women Find Attractive in Men:
  • Self Confidence
  • Sense of humor
  • Intelligence
  • Status
  • Style
  • Exciting

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We live in a very complicated world compared to our ancestors of 1.5 million years ago. Some things change but what women find attractive in men, has not changed much. On a primal level, women are attracted to men for their superior survival and replication genes. Women want to insure offspring will have the best chance at survival. For it is through replication and survival that society can move forward.

Self Confidence – I feel this is one of the most important qualities to posses in life. Women are masters at reading body language. If you are not self confident your body language, will radiate your inner insecurities. You will not make a good first impression unless you are walking tall and negotiating social situations with confidence and poise.

  1. Senses of humor – Ladies want to be around guys who are fun and adventurous. Being funny will leave a big impression on her. It also demonstrates you are comfortable with who you are and you are not afraid of a little self effacing humor.
  2. Intelligence – Women find it very attractive when a man is an expert or knowledgeable in a particular field. Women enjoy talking about sociological and world issues and you will be ahead of the game if you can speak eloquently about a broad range of topics. Emotional intelligence is of particular importance. You must understand and be able to calibrate to someone’s emotional state in-order to communicate effectively.
  3. Status – I believe women are hard wired through evolution; to be attracted to leaders and men in positions of power. These men would rank high because of the superior resources and ability to survive. Think back to high school, the quarterback and team captains usually had the pick of the females. These lads were early leaders and perceived to be of higher social value.
  4. Style – Most guys fail here miserably. Guys have you ever thought about how meticulous women are about their appearance? They will go shopping for three hours for the perfect outfit and shoes. They will then spend 2.5 hours getting ready for a night out. So that is a total of 5.5 hours of preparation for one night out. Compare that to your 20 minute of preparation and I think you get the point. You should have at least a couple nice outfits that are clean and fit you well. You should stay up-to-date with the current styles by reading fashion magazines like GQ, Details and the like.
  5. Exciting – Life tends to get monotonous at times. Women are drawn towards men who charismatic and exciting. Every person is unique and exciting. Find out what is unique about yourself and share your experiences with people. Surprise your lady! Tell her you are taking her away for the weekend but don’t tell her where. Of course, she will need some general packing instructions but the mystery will score big points for you. You are a man, be impulsive!!! Lastly, don’t be predictable.

You can not accomplish all these aspects of your life overnight. Think of this a journey and not a destination. It is very helpful to watch movies to envision the qualities of a attractive men. Watch movies staring Sean Connery, Gary Cooper, John Wayne, and Brad Pitt. I think the James Bond character is a prime example of what women find attractive in men.

Illustration from Clyde Mendes column at  MetroSexual LA 


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