Create An Indoor Picnic

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Create An Indoor Picnic

You've got some much-earned time alone with your partner coming up soon, so what do you do? Treat them to a fabulously, romantic indoor picnic! A picnic can be the perfect way to recuperate after a busy week. Instead of all the hassle of having it outdoors and making sure you've brought everything, relax and have it inside. To keep your planning a breeze as well, keep in mind these few tips:
  1. Choose food that can be easily eaten with your fingers. Hint: It's easier to feed each other that way!
  2. Make sure your surroundings are clean and romantic. Light a few candles. Lay down a few blankets and pillows. Play a favorite CD.
  3. Choose something you'll want to do after you're done eating. You may want to play a romantic or classic board game. Talk about your lives while giving each other massages. Or, whatever comes to mind. 

Once you're ready to go, you'll need to figure out what you want to serve. 

Romantic Ideas For Indoor Picnics
Below are a few romantic ideas for indoor picnics that you might like to try!

"A fun thing to do for a special occasion is to pack a picnic basket and spirit your love off to a nice hotel. Picnic on the bed and drink champagne and...whatever."
--submitted by Claudia

"Spread out a blanket on the bed, light candles, and put some great jazz music (your favorite music will do!). Then take out a chilled bottle of wine, strawberries, mixed fruit, chocolate sauce, brie cheese, and crackers and just spend the time talking like you just don't get to usually. It brings both of you a new connection to each other. It works!"
--submitted by Diana

"Have a picnic under the stars in your own room! Tack a dark sheet to the ceiling (you can put white christmas lights under it or sticky glow in the dark stars on it)w then put vases of flowers and plants all over the room (fake and real for contrast). Put out the normal picnic necessitates and use A LOT OF CANDLES and INCENSE!!! Have soft music in the background. A nature theme is a good type of CD to buy. Take it from there!"
--submitted by Caroline

"My boyfriend works really hard and I wanted to do something nice for him. So, one night, I made a dinner and lit the entire living room with candles. I arranged the living room with plants as well so it looked like we were outside. Then, I set up a picnic. When he came home he was very surprised. He loved it, especially when I fed him strawberries for dessert. We ended up making love almost all night." 
-submitted by Ashley

"I like to have a picnic basket filled with wine, fresh strawberries whipped cream, and lots of things he enjoys. Have candles lit for your light and enjoyment. Have it all set up in the bedroom. Flowers or massage oil add a very nice dessert! Just for two. Lots of touching and listening are important."
--submitted by Samantha

Illustration from Clyde Mendes column at  MetroSexual LA 


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