Create A Love Hunt!

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Create A Love Hunt!

A love hunt is a special way to show your partner that you really appreciate them. It is an ideal gift for anniversaries, birthdays or other special events in your life. Most love hunts are enjoyed not only because of the thrill of finding your clues, but also because of the anticipation of what is waiting at the end. If you would like to set up a love hunt for your partner, see below for our ideas!

Around Town
Love hunts that involve your partner finding clues throughout your city/town are the most involved to put together. They are also more rewarding! Some ideas you might want to try are:
  • Have your partner find clues that lead them to small prizes. At the end they will find a large prize!
  • Have your partner find clues to things that recreate the memories of your first date.
  • Create a "best places to kiss" hunt. On your clue cards put a kissing quote, why you think this is one of the best places to kiss, a way you especially like to be kissed by your partner and a clue to the next clue card. At the end have an intimate evening planned to share your favorite kisses!
  • Have your partner find clues that lead them to places they can learn more about your city or town. This could be especially fun for on-line lovers. You could leave clues at various places on the Internet, such as guest books, in chats, etc.
  • Have your partner find clues that lead them to pick up things for a romantic getaway. At the end of the love hunt have a special getaway planned -- even if it's an escape at home! 

At Home
When privacy or a special intimate gift for your partner is in order, create a love hunt at your home. Below are a few of our ideas:

  • Leave a trail of rose petals to each clue.
  • Have your partner find clues that will lead them to things you will use for them in a romantic encounter.
  • Leave clues for your partner to find that lead them to different encounters you have set up. For example, a clue on the front door could lead your partner to the bathroom for a romantic bath prepared by you. A clue in the bathroom could lead to the bedroom for clothes you've placed for them. A clue in the bedroom could lead to a romantic dinner. A clue during dinner could lead to a coupon good for one romantic massage.
  • Leave clues for your partner to find with reasons why you love them. 

The Prize!
Like the saying goes, all good things are worth the wait! End prizes you might want to consider are:

  • A hotel getaway
  • Fabulous dinner for two
  • An intimate encounter
  • A proposal
  • A large gift
  • A romantic evening for two 

Unforgettable Love Hunt Ideas
When you want to do something to downright wow your partner on a limited budget, not much compares to organizing a love hunt. Not only does your partner get the excitement and thrill of the hunt, they get the satisfaction of winning a prize at the end! Even if it's a simple "I love you" and a kiss waiting for them, the time and effort went into the presentation will be something unforgettable. If the occasion arises where you need to do something a little more outside of the box, try one of these fun and creative reader-submitted love hunt ideas.

Just Because Love Hunt
I take index cards, and write clues on each one and hide them somewhere in the house. My husband finds the first one and reads the clue, and this gives him hints to find the next clue. This can go one for a few minutes or throughout the day, depending on how hard I make the clues and how many cards I hide. The final card always leads to a special "treat." The treat can be a simple kiss, or an I love you, or you can use your imagination. This is also a good way to find out how well you know each other.
--submitted by Sandra, Tx

Memories of Us Love Hunt
Although it has been done in various way before on this site, on our first anniversary, I called my girlfriend and told her to meet me at an obscure bus stop (where we met). When she got there, I’d put a white rose and a letter on the seat. In the letter was a rhyming clue to the next location of importance (our first date, our first kiss, etc), and one verse (of many) of a love poem I’d written. I stayed just ahead of her, out of sight, running around town placing letters and white roses, making sure nobody stole them. Granted, you look a bit strange, running around with a bunch of roses and a handful of letters, but it’s worth it! At the end were many roses, a present, and the last verse of the love poem. Worked a treat for me!
--submitted by Charles, Fl

Car Love Hunt
To start, hide a bunch of balloons in your love's trunk, tied to a letter and a present so they won't fly away when they open the trunk. Then, hide notes all around their car, starting with one taped to the steering wheel. The notes should all say things like, "look in the backseat," "open the glove compartment," "check the center console," etc. Every note should lead to the next, until they get to the one that leads them to the trunk. It's a fun way to have a mini scavenger hunt, all inside the car!
--submitted by Ramesh, India

Password Protected Love Hunt
Endangered Species chocolate bars have 18 different varieties that have pictures of different endangered animals on the wrappers. I bought all 18 bars and starting on Valentine’s Day I sent my wife of 20 years an email. Inside the first message was a bunch of clues that would help her figure out the type of animal on the wrapper. Once she figured out the type of animal (i.e. Wolf) she was then instructed to open a password protected attached Word Document (using the animal's name as the password). The attachment gave her a specific clue where she could look to find the bar inside the house. The hiding places were also somehow related to the animal (Polar bear bar hidden in the freezer; fish bar hidden behind the aquarium, etc ...). The process continued daily for 17 more days and she had a ball getting her emails, figuring out the passwords and hunting for the chocolate bars.
--submitted by Shauna, Alice Springs

I Love You Hunt
I wanted to do something very special for my girlfriend to say I love you. I cut out six perfectly square pieces of computer paper and on each one I wrote one thing about her that I love and a hint about where to find the next slip of paper. I tied little bows around them and hid them throughout the house. Eventually, after she found each one, it led her to my room where the last slip told her to turn on the light, shut the door, and go push play on the radio. I had her favorite song set so that when she pushed play we could dance to her favorite love song. I was hiding in the closet, and I stepped out when the song started playing. Earlier that week I had bought her a promise ring. As we began to dance I had put the ring in between my lips and as she kissed me I slipped the ring into her lips. She was so surprised and thought I was the sweetest thing ever.
--submitted by Roland, Liverpool

The Kiss Exchange Love Hunt
My boyfriend and I didn't have a lot of extra money to spend on each other for Valentine's Day, so we set our limit to $10 each. I bought a bag of Hershey Kisses, a small stuffed gorilla, and a box of children's Valentine’s Day cards (about 32). I wrote one reason why I loved him on each of the cards, put them in their envelope and taped a Kiss to each of them. Each envelope also had a clue as to where the next one would be hidden. Each one was a riddle, one that he'd have to decipher to find each clue. When he collected them all, he had to trade in his chocolate Kisses for real kisses, so we both had fun!! The gorilla was for him to take on the road when he works, so he has something to remember me by… like he could forget!!
--submitted by Patricia, NY

Picture Fun Love Hunt
My boyfriend and I had been dating for about two years, and he was really going through a rough patch in his life. I wanted to do something really fun to cheer him up. I took a camera and took pictures of a bunch of different places in town. I turned it into a scavenger hunt, posting a picture at each site that would lead him to the next one. I told him to meet me at my house. When he got there, he found a note explaining the game as well as a picture of the first place he had to go. He absolutely loved it! The last picture led him to me at a nearby school on top of a hill -- I lead him to the place to go snowboarding. He'd never been snowboarding before, but he had a blast and it really cheered him up.
--submitted by Carla, Seattle

Illustration from Clyde Mendes column at  MetroSexual LA 


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