Romantic Breakfast In Bed

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Romantic Breakfast In Bed


Breakfast in bed is an often overlooked romantic luxury. The idea of your partner getting up before you just to surprise you with a wonderful morning treat is simply decadent. Unfortunately, not everyone is most creative in the kitchen… or in the morning! To help make your breakfast in bed occasion as smooth and romantic as possible here is a list of helpful ideas.

Quick and Easy Food Ideas:

  • Cut up pieces of fresh fruit.
  • Strawberries cut in half make heart shapes!
  • Muffins made from a mix or from a local bakery.
  • Bagels and different flavored cream cheese.
  • Danishes from a bakery.
  • Pancakes made from a mix.
  • Just before taking the pancakes off the griddle, write I love you with syrup. Or make them heart shaped.
  • Get a heart shaped waffle iron and make waffles.
  • Coffee
  • Juice
  • For the really easy way, order breakfast from a nearby restaurant and go pick it up. :) 

Romantic Touches:

  • Hide a love poem, letter or quote under the plate.
  • Have a single rose or flower laying on the tray or plate.
  • Make it a whole day of pampering and include heart shaped love coupons.
  • Bring their favorite magazine or newspaper.
  • Give them a foot massage while they are eating. 

Beds Other Than Home:

  • If you don't live together, tell your partner that you're taking them out early and to wear their pajamas. Instead of taking them out, take them to your home and serve them breakfast in bed in your bed.
  • Wake your partner up, blindfold them and take them out the car. Go to a secluded place where you can watch the sunrise. Bring sleeping bags, picnic breakfast… (don't forget the coffee!). Once you get there, snuggle up together in the sleeping bags and watch the sunrise, eating your breakfast in bed!
  • Have a romantic night in a tent in your backyard. In the morning, surprise your love with breakfast in bed in the tent.
  • Have breakfast in bed delivered by room service after a romantic night in a hotel! 

Illustration from Clyde Mendes column at  MetroSexual LA 


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