Impress Your Date With Flowers

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Impress Your Date With Flowers 

If you think buying flowers for your sweetheart is child’s play, then you may find yourself in for a thorny time. While sticking with the dozen romantic red roses is a safe choice, do you think that is really the sort of petal to impress and touch that special someone?

All flowers have specific flower meanings, which symbolize one emotion or another, ranging from true love, to friendship, to gratitude, to farewell. The number of stalks and the flowers’ colors also have their own meaning altogether.

Here are some basic Do’s and Don’ts in choosing the right flowers for your date:


  1. Roses are a safe choice but it won’t hurt to find out what flowers your girl actually likes – some adventurous gal may find roses a tad boring. Take it as an opportunity to customize a unique bouquet of flowers that represents your “unyielding adoration” for her or symbolizes you are madly in love with her.
  2. Find out her color preference – some girls like soft pastel tones while others prefer them loud and cheerful.
  3. Choose hand held bouquets or hand posies as your girl can then take her flowers and show them off at dinner. You don’t expect her to carry those vases or bulky baskets to dinner, do you?
  4. Send flowers together with a personalized message to your love’s office in the morning to brighten her mood for the rest of the day. Have the florist seal the envelope (especially if the contents are very mushy)


  1. Avoid inappropriate flowers such as chrysanthemums and carnations. Yellow chrysanthemums symbolize slighted love and pink carnation is the emblem of mother’s day!
  2. Unless your girl has a special fondness for all things yellow, don’t give yellow roses as it symbolize just friendship. You wouldn’t want her to think you are treating the relationship as just friendship, would you?
  3. Don’t rely on the florist bulk chocolates to complement your flower order. If possible, make the chocolate yourself, it will surely melt her heart.
  4. Avoid bulky bouquets – unless you want to break her delicate hands, or you want to carry a basket of flowers to dinner

Besides the different flowers and colors which symbolize different meanings, the number of stalks you give also has its own meaning.


Stalk symbolism

  • One stalk: Love at first sight
  • Three stalks: I love you
  • Nine stalks: Till death do us part
  • 11 stalks: There is only you in my heart
  • 12 stalks: All of my utmost love
  • 24 stalks: Missing you always
  • 99 stalks: My love will last till the end of time
  • 999 stalks: Infinite love

There you have it, the above basic flowers tips will put you in good stead to get the right flowers and impress your girl this Valentine’s Day. Now go have yourselves a passionate Valentine’s Day!

Illustration from Clyde Mendes column at  MetroSexual LA 


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