Tips to Give Any Woman Mind-Blowing Orgasms

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Tips to Give Any Woman Mind-Blowing Orgasms


Do you find yourself in a situation where you have tried different ways to help your partner achieve orgasms, yet only to find that nothing really works? This is a common problem that many men have, and believe it or not, it can easily be rectified if you follow a few crucial tips;

One of the main reasons why a woman has difficulty in achieving an orgasm is because she is not aroused enough. This is why it is important to spend a lot of time in caressing all her erogenous zones. Only once you are able to get your partner aroused, should you then begin to move to the next stage in directly stimulating her most intimate parts so that she can achieve an orgasm.

When it comes to giving a woman achieve a clitoral orgasm, cunnilingus is probably the most effective way of helping your partner achieve it. The reason for this is because of the agility of the tongue and the never ending natural lubricant that the mouth can supply. However, even though cunnilingus is it extremely effective, it is still important that you learn to take it slow. Never jump straight for the clitoris. Instead, use your mouth and tongue to kiss all the areas surrounding her vaginal opening first, and then when she's aroused enough, you can move towards directly stimulating her clitoris with your tongue and mouth.

Include your fingers in the mix. By combining tongue and mouth stimulation with finger stimulation when performing cunnilingus, you are able to induce powerful feelings of pleasure for your woman, that by the time she finally does achieve an orgasm, it will be intensified to new levels of ecstasy.

During an Orgasm, a Woman's Body . . .
We have sex to feel connected to our partners and to express our love, but for most of us, the main reason we're getting it on is for the amazing rush of pleasure we feel once we reach orgasm. It's an indescribable feeling of bliss, but have you ever wondered what happens to your body physically when you climax? If so, then keep reading.

  • Once a woman becomes sexually aroused, her heart begins to beat quicker, she breathes faster and she'll tighten various muscles all over her body. Her breasts will enlarge slightly and her nipples will become erect. Some women's faces, necks, or chests will become flushed (a sex flush) and her clitoris enlarges.
  • She'll notice that her vagina creates a natural lubricant which makes sex smoother and more enjoyable.
  • Her labia will flatten out and open up and the inside of her vagina will lengthen and widen (preparing for you know what). All this happens because blood rushes to the pelvic area, which is called engorgement, and creates a pleasurably warm sensation in that area (I'm sure you've felt it!).

We're just getting started, so to find out what happens next, read more.

  • As arousal continues, everything becomes even more enlarged and all the changes mentioned above become more pronounced, yet the woman's clitoris actually retracts under the hood and gets 50 percent shorter right before she climaxes.
  • When the woman reaches orgasm, her skin will flush and muscles all over her body will continue to contract. Blood pressure, heart rate, and breathing rates will continue to rise.
  • In the vagina itself, she'll feel rhythmic contractions in the outer part of the vagina, in her uterus, and anus. The muscle contractions actually have a purpose — they help to suck semen higher up into the vagina, making it easier for sperm to swim to your egg and help you get pregnant. These intense pulses happen about once every second. Mild orgasms have three to five pulses, and intense orgasms have 10 to 15!
  • The uterus, labia, and clitoris then return to their normal size, and the woman feels extreme muscle relaxation. At this point, some women may be able to respond to further stimulation so they can have additional orgasms.

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