Sizzling Secrets to Bring Her to an Intoxicating Climax

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Sizzling Secrets to Bring Her to an Intoxicating Climax


Pleasing a woman in bed is not as difficult as you may think that it is. You can send a woman to the heights of ecstasy by learning how her body responds and what you can do to get her to respond to you sexually. Women tend to make an emotional connection when it comes to sex so in order for you to get her to the brink of sexual pleasure, you first have to get inside her head. Use these following 2 tricks that will send her over the edge with skyrocketing orgasms...

#1 - Start with sexy talk: You do not have to be lewd, but telling her that you desire her, why you desire her and what you plan to do to her is one way to get her going really fast. You should speak in a low, seductive voice when you are practicing this tip. This will make her feel desired and inspire desire in her. Once you get inside her head and let her know what you want, you can move on to the next step to bring her to sensual delight.

#2 - Take it slow and easy! Many men rush through sex, thinking of their own pleasure and expecting women to catch up. It takes women longer to get aroused and also takes different techniques. After you have whispered seductively in her ear, show her how you intend to please her. Use your fingers to stimulate her sensitive areas of her body, especially her nipples and clitoris. Be gentle, not rough, and you will soon find her moaning with delight. Many women can be brought to an orgasm, or right on the brink, before intercourse actually begins!


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