Are “Girlie Men” The New Heartthrobs?

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Are “Girlie Men” The New Heartthrobs?


The testosterone-fueled, ruggedly “handsome” screen star as we know him—strong jaw line, brooding eyes, a prominent nose—is on the way out, if the New York Observer is to be believed. Surely, in this post-“Queer Eye” world, it’s no secret that even the Manliest of Manly Men are trimming their facial scruff and plucking their beastly brows. But Irina Aleksader at the Observer wonders if what currently makes girls squeal are…girlie men.

 Effeminate teen boys, like the Hansons, the Sprouses and the Jonas’, are standard fair for the Tiger Beat set. But the Observer says grown-up men with “softer” looks, like Zac Efron, Chace Crawford, Chris Pine, Robert Buckley (“Lipstick Jungle”), James Marsden and Ryan Reynolds, are the pioneers of the “New Male Beauty.” With their big, round eyes, dimples, and all-around pretty-pretty looks, you kinda want to stare at their gorgeousness more than you want to f**k them. Or just steal their hairdos.

I’m inclined to brush off this “New Male Beauty” idea as manufactured b.s. for a features article, but a recent porn magazine that debuted in Britain which used only “feminine” models has me wondering if Aleksander might have point. The editor-in-chief of the mag, Filament, said her staff relied on both published academic research and their own online research to figure out what makes women wet and “men who are not muscle-bound” and “men with more feminine face shapes” reigned supreme.

None of them really do it for me, though. I’m all for loosening up gender roles, but I’m not sure I want to date a man who is prettier than I am!

What do you think? Do you agree with the Observer that pretty men are the new standard of attractiveness for men? And what do you think of these dudes?




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