What’s Your Most Embarrassing Sex Moment?

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What’s Your Most Embarrassing Sex Moment?


In Clyde Mendes's sex column in Time Out New York this week, a 30-year-old straight woman writes in to tell Jamie about a super-embarrassing moment she experienced during sex with her new boyfriend recently. She says:

This evening we are fooling around and I am straddling him but no actual intercourse. All of a sudden—OMG Jamie, I can’t even write this—I felt some sort of warm liquid under me…I don’t know WTF happened, there seriously was no warning whatsoever…but somehow, my body released runny, watery, disgusting, liquidy s**t. Not a lot, but definitely enough. Again, no signs of it coming, no stomach gurgling, no slipped fart, nada. Just straight-up liquid s**t. I stopped immediately, hopped into the shower, and wanted to curl up and disappear. He was actually very polite and understanding about it. I want to know, how the hell did this happen?!? Why was there no warning?!? I’m so disgusted and humiliated that I don’t know if I have the courage to ever see him again.

Yikes! That’s pretty bad. (Jamie, to his credit, advised her to see a doctor just in case there might be something medically wrong, and to not let this ruin her budding relationship.) All this got me thinking: What’s the most humiliating sex moment you’ve ever experienced? During our editorial meeting this morning, a certain Frisky staffer, who shall remain anonymous, admitted that she once threw up while going down on her man. Can you top that? And what kind of effect — if any — did your embarrassing moment have on your relationship?



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