How to Be More Charming?

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How to Be More Charming?


The secret to starting a relationship with any man is to first learn to be a centre of attraction for men. It is when you are the center of attraction for men that you are most likely to strike interest in some man. And it is this image of an eye candy that the man will keep in his mind for a long time to come. Remember, first impressions always matter tremendously to everyone.

It is with the way you carry yourself that decides on the attention you receive from men. It is when you know what men seek in you, and when you learn their strengths and weaknesses that you can generate second and third look from men. Smiling is a surefire way of becoming more charming as this is considered to be the difference between being polite or rude.

Your posture is important in making yourself charming to men. It is people who carry themselves with straight postures that generate more looks. This is because when you stand straight, you tend to feel much more confident of yourself. Being relaxed helps in charming men as no one enjoys being around tense people as it makes them uncomfortable.

Instead, you have to make it a point to be as kind as possible to yourself, as you would be with your best friend; when in the company of men. When in the vicinity of men, maintain eye contact with them. This does not imply that you have to keep staring at them; it means that you have to casually look directly at him when you are both speaking.

Once you meet a guy you find interesting, ask for his name and use it right away as people tend to respond positively when they hear their names being used by a woman with a pleasant voice. Of course, don’t overdo this by calling out their names unnecessarily as this may end up with him just hating your voice.

Maintain a practice of greeting people when you see them. This is an important ritual that depicts your class and warmth when with people, and also brightens up their day. Moreover, it is rather difficult for anyone to be mad at a person who gives them a warm greeting. So adapt a system of greeting others as it also prevents a problem before it starts by providing them warmth in your voice and smile. Greet all your friends, co-workers and neighbors; even those you don’t like and pretty soon you will become the center of attraction amongst them.

Make it a point to greet family members when you see them. Hugging your sisters, brothers, uncles and aunts and kissing your kids will all make them lover your attention. Hug your friends too, while your husband and boyfriend deserve a kiss whenever you meet. All these actions will ensure that you be the center of attraction in their eyes, where they start thinking well of you. And as they become more forgiving towards you, these actions will make these people keep you out of trouble at all times.




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