How To Attract Women Successfully

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How To Attract Women Successfully

Life is a lot different from the imaginary, fabricated on that we see in Hollywood. It always seem that men are able to confidently approach women, and without a need to search for the right pick up line. But why would this create a problem? With the fabricated script lines that are created for them, and the women who are paid to respond accordingly, there really should be no problem.

Unfortunately, in the real world, picking up the right girl isn't always this easy. To most men, this is an all-too-familiar scenario. In most cases you'll find yourself out with friends, when you notice that beautiful lady sitting at the corner table. You find yourself procrastinating about what to say, and actually going to do it. Finally you look over and find her with another man - one who appears confident in his ability to pick up woman. This is truly the alpha male - the one who every other male strives to be like.

The thing is that the solution to your problems does not lie in the actual pick up line. Women usually don't fall for those corny pick up lines, and in most cases you'll find them having made you look ridiculous. She probably has heard that line hundreds of times in the past - maybe even on the Internet.

The key to approaching a woman is confidence. Stop racking your brain for things to say when you approach a woman. Be confident about yourself, your looks, your skills, and your own person. Come across as a guy who is out to have some relaxed fun and is not needy or desperate to pick up women. Show her your attraction not by saying that she looks like an angel who just fell from the sky. Tell her she's beautiful as relaxed or as matter-of-factly as possible. Don't say it like it's the line that will get you your next girlfriend. Say it as an honest compliment to a lady.

One thing to remember when talking to women is that you shouldn't come across as a guy who is out to get her number or get her to come to your place after you leave the bar. Women are keen and notice this in the way you talk and carry yourself. Instead of focusing on getting her, stay in your zone and be genuinely interested in knowing who she is and why she is there. If she has friends with her, you may also ask her how they all got to know each other. Balance the conversation out by playing it cool when asking questions about her and talking about your interests. With just the right body language and participating in a relaxed conversation, you're sending this message: "I think you're beautiful and I'd want to know you more. But there's no pressure. We're just two people having a great time."

Attract Asian Girls

One of the quick tips I can teach you on how to attract Asian women is to stop telling Asian women that you have an Asian fetish. That is one of the key fundamental factors for success and results in dating Asian women. Let me explain why.

I've dated tons of Asian women. I've interviewed a bunch of Asian women. I'm an Asian guy myself. So I understand what they are thinking because I've interviewed them, talked to them, and asked them what kind of qualities they want in a non-Asian man.

They revealed to me and told me that the number one thing they are looking for is someone who is "normal". Now you might be thinking "what kind of girl wants a normal guy?" Well, it's not the normal guy you think. It's because so many white guys, black guys, Hispanic guys bring up the fact that they are totally obsessed with Asian women to Asian women. And that is a definite no no!

You should not tell an Asian woman that you have an Asian fixation. And you should not tell an Asian woman that you have an Asian fetish. Those kind of things will repel an asian woman away from you. So if you want to know the secret tip on how to attract an Asian woman, you have to learn NOT to telegraph your Asian fetish to the Asian woman.

Once you do that, you will distinguish yourself from the 99% of other non-Asian guys who are trying to desperately to get an Asian woman but always failing. And the number one reason they are failing with Asian women is that they are showing too much obsession. And interestingly, the more you show a fascination with Asian women, the more repelled she will be from you.

If you want to attract her, you need to stop telegraphing your "Asian fetish" towards her. So starting today, stop being weird and stop expressing your Asian obsession with Asian women. Once you do this little technique, you will succeed with Asian women more than the average non-Asian guys.

So many non-Asian guys are messing up because they are telling the Asian woman "I love Chinese women! I love Korean women! I love Asians". Now when an Asian woman hears that, she sees a stalker, a weirdo, a freak, a guy she does not want, a guy who is obsessed, a guy who is too attached, a guy who is too needy, and basically a guy who is unattractive.

So starting today if you really want to have more success with Asian women, then start to approach an Asian woman as if she is not an Asian woman. Don't tell her you are Asian obsessed. Don't tell her you have an Asian fetish. Do not telegraph any signs that you have an Asian fixation to the Asian woman. If you follow my simple tips, you will have much more success with Asian women. So go out there and have fun starting today!

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