How to Talk Dirty to My Boyfriend? Part 2

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How to Talk Dirty to My Boyfriend? Part 2


If you hesitate to talk dirty with your boyfriend, something is missing in your relationship. You might be having a great relationship with your boyfriend, but the inability to talk dirty reflects a lack of passion, thrill, joy, and fire in your relationship. So, start talking dirty with your boyfriend and spice up your relationship.

You might be under the misconception that men don't appreciate girls who talk dirty. You might be afraid of being laughed at, ridiculed, or even rejected. But none of this will happen! If you begin talking dirty, you will be giving your boyfriend a pleasant surprise. 

Studies show the men love it when their women say dirty things to them. To put it simply, talking dirty can greatly enhance the quality of your relationship.

Are you finding it difficult to start? Are you afraid to talk dirty with your boyfriend? Do you feel that talking dirty is something that ?good? girls don't do? Here are some great tips to help you feel more confident.

  1. Let the Relationship Develop into an Intimate Phase
    Never make the mistake of talking dirty to your boyfriend in the initial phases of the relationship. This will break and not raise your relationship to delightful heights. Dirty talk is delightful only when you have strong feelings for each other.

    Wait for the relationship to grow and blossom. Know each other well and learn to feel comfortable in each other's presence. You are now setting the right atmosphere for effective dirty talk.

  2. Be Confident
    You can wreck the joys of dirty talking by exhibiting fear or guilt. Talk confidently! As previously mentioned, your boyfriend will get a pleasant surprise. Soon he will be talking dirty too, and you will find that you have added a lot of spice to your relationship.

  3. Create the Right Environment
    Do not just start talking dirty. Start by having a light, lively, humorous chat with your boyfriend in a secluded and romantic place. Find out about your boyfriend's mood at that moment. Gradually, lead the conversation to more erotic topics.

  4. Dirty Phone Talk
    If you are too shy to talk dirty face to face, try having a dirty telephonic conversation. Talking dirty over the phone can be a delightful experience. The facts that you cannot see each other's faces, but can only hear sexy, sibilant whispers, make it all the more exciting.

Are you still hesitating to start talking dirty to your boyfriend? Banish all feelings of guilt. Talking dirty has been proved to be a great relationship enhancer. It can bring you closer to your boyfriend and prevent future break ups and heart breaks. However, it is a skill, and like all skills, it has to be carefully cultivated. Read more about erotic topics to get great ideas.

How successful you are in enhancing your relationship by talking dirty to your boyfriend depends on your boyfriend's feelings for you, your own confidence, the quality of your relationship, and how long you have been together.




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