How to Know if You're In A Woman's Body But Still Acting Like A Child

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How to Know if You're In A Woman's Body But Still Acting Like A Child

    Some have a harder time than others hearing the word uh hmm - no. 

In fact, they won't settle until they hear otherwise. Ambitious? Maybe. Or, is it childish behavior?
  1. If you don't get your way, no one will get theirs. Why not? They're wasting your time with pointless demands like being fair. Who do they think they are? Better yet, who do they think you are!
  2. He broke up with you and is coming over for his belongings. You decide you'll show him a lesson and hold all if his things including gifts from YOU hostage.
  3. You and your honey have a quickie before you have to go to your meeting. To avoid you from arriving too late, he races through traffic and asks you about the sour look on your face. You take this as a window of opportunity to fume that it was all of his fault that you were late; despite the fact that you both had a great time earlier! Ouch!
  4. You presume that the louder and more abrasive you speak, the better the outcome will be in your favor. Ready for round two?
  5. You rather cry and whine than accept not having your way. You strategically use this step as a last minute ammunition whenever you feel like you are losing advantage over the situation. 
  6. You're not the aggressive or crying type. You're silent all the way! In fact, unless it's an emergency or the other person throws up the white flag, you can keep things going until you get your way.
  7. It doesn't matter who the person is or what the argument or issue was about. 10 out of 10 times, they will never hear a peep out of you first!
  8. It was cute back in the day when you were a young girl and would pout until you got your way. Or, whenever you made a mistake it didn't matter how may times you were told right from wrong. However, if you're still repeating the cycle at 35? You do the math.
  9. A great way to overcome behaving like a child, is by learning to accept the truth and not just what you want to hear. Always think about what is best for all parties and not just yourself. Do things for others to break out of your self - serving ways and lastly, be the bigger person.

Follow these steps and you will be sure to win respect instead of battling for it.









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