How to Act Like a Diva and Ruin a First Date

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How to Act Like a Diva and Ruin a First Date

    Hair and lips glossy. Check. Fresh breath. Check. You’re with a great guy who could potentially be your man, double check. You're hot and everyone knows. Except for your date.

Think something might be wrong with him? Think again.

Here are 6 key signs to acting like a Diva and ruining a first date
  1. The spoons are not even safe around you. You can't help but keep checking out just how hot you look tonight. Well someone's got to do it. After all that you've been through? He hasn't stared at you or complimented you once! What's a Diva to do? Leave? Yeah right. You flirt with the waiters and other male dining guests to grab hold of some more attention.
  2. Who cares if he wants to get married one day and what his religion is. You are pre-screening his bank account to see if you have a perfect financial match. You have set goals and do not believe in wasting your precious time with a waste of time!
  3. Either you have telepathy or have some serious jealousy issues. You were having a good time, when suddenly his phone rings, and you jest that he better not be cheating on you! To end the odd silence you say that you were just kidding. Ha. Ha.
  4. You explain to him that because of your strong personality , you need a man that can keep up with you like your last boyfriend. So you ask your date if you got into a physical fight and went to jail, would he have your back. Check please!
  5. Even though this is not a deciding factor, it can have an affect on a first impression. Instead of ordering real food from the menu, you cowardly opt for a grilled chicken salad and a glass of tap water.
  6. You thought you were just sharing something with him. In reality, you were sharing too many negative things. From the beginning to the very end, there were too many flaws that prevented you from relaxing and having a good time and finding out if there could have been a second date.

How to be a diva and ruin a first? Mission accomplished.







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