How to Date like a Diva

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How to Date like a Diva

    Diva is a term that derives from an ancient Italian word meaning "goddess", which, in turn derives from the feminine form of a Latin word "divus", meaning "divine one." In today's society, the term "Diva" has taken on many definitions such as; high-maintenance, difficult, demanding, and arrogant. However, confidence and attitude are two of the more positive terms used to describe the characteristic of this incredible woman and I believe that in order to date and date well, a woman should take on the attitude of a Diva. Never settling for less and always striving for excellence and compatibility in her dating relationships. Here are a few tips on how to become a dating diva that could blossom you into the true independent and desirable woman you are. 
  1. Know Your Self-Worth - The first step in becoming a dating Diva is to know and understand your boundaries. Start by creating your own personal list of absolute turn-offs or non date-able men, for example; no job, married, lives with mother, has a criminal record etc. Know what you are worth and how far you are willing to go in order to be with a man who is not a desirable dating companion. Use your personal list as a guide to identify your boundaries and to measure your values when it comes to dating. A sense of self-worth can take you to new heights and getting that respect a Diva deserves is paramount. 
  2. Bring Sexy Back by Creating Your Own Beauty - Develop and create your own exclusive beauty and style. Know what looks good on you and go for looks that compliment your unique body shape and facial hues. I suggest going to the nearest department store for a free makeover or ask for makeup tips from the counter representative. M.A.C and Clinique have a reputation in the beauty business for staying current and trendy with each season. These are definitely among my favorites. Do not be afraid to experiment with different colors and clothing styles, sometimes a classic piece mixed with a trendy garment can go along way in completing your Diva look. 
  3. Flaunt your Self-Confidence - Confidence! Confidence! and more Confidence! is what most men admire in a woman. I found that self-confidence can sometimes make the difference between a "hello" and a "first date". Therefore, do not be afraid to flaunt your self-confidence. Unfortunately, self-confidence does not happen overnight, it is something that takes time and requires constant affirmation. Make it a point to work on your self-confidence every day through positive thinking and self-expression. Remember it is the little things that can make a difference, so hold your head up and walk confident with a smile on your face. You will be surprised how a little self - assurance can draw men to you like bees to honey. 
  4. Be Selective - Be very particular in who you date and let into your life. I know that some of you Divas have not dated since the Star Wars Trilogy but hang in there and try not to settle for just a "date". A Diva only dates men who meet her specific criteria and does not compromise her "personal list". Being choosy does not equate to being stuck up or unattainable, it equates to respect and enjoying the fact that you made the choice. 

My personal definition of a Diva is someone who represents beauty inside and out. She is a flower who has bloomed through adversity and has maintained her attitude and essence of distinct being. 

These tips are not the end all and be all of becoming a dating Diva or will suddenly transform you over night, however if you really look inside and find your inner goddess these tips can possibly make a difference in changing old dating habits and put you on the fast - track to better love connections.




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