Does He Like Me?

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Does He Like Me?

Have you ever been in complete mental anguish trying to figure out if your crush has feelings for you? Are you looking for advice on how to tell if a guy likes you? Do you have the fear that you might miss out on a great guy because you have misread his signals?

Being able to tell if a guy likes you is a fine art that only a handful of seem to able to ace because it's like men and women speak a entirely different language! What if you think he has a crush on you and he doesn't? What if you think that they aren't attracted to you and they really are? What if you think he isn't into you and he is? How can you tell??? 

In order to know what those mixed signals mean you have to know what to look for. If you know which signs keep an eye out for you can get the guy that you want!

Signs that he is attracted to you - How to determine if he likes you

If a guy is into you he will show you in little ways. Identifying and interpreting the signs correctly is the key. Here are some of the things you should look out for:
  1. Do you catch him looking at you when he thinks that you're not looking? They might be checking you out.
  2. Does he seem really happy when he sees you unexpectedly? If you guys are enjoying yourselves together, this is a very positive.
  3. Does he contact you for no reason at all, just to talk? Do they start conversations with you for no real purpose? This means that he really likes communicating with you.
  4. When you and your guy are having a conversation does he smile during the conversation and keep good eye contact? He's enjoying the conversation and he could be into you.
    TIP: If you see your crush smiling a lot during the conversation and you haven't really said anything humorous, politely interrupt him and ask, are you smiling at me, is there something wrong? He might just say, "No, I just really like this conversation."
  5. Do they show a lot of interest in you and the subject you're talking about? Sharing common ground is a good way to lay some positive groundwork for a relationship.
  6. What type of body language are you getting from him? When talking to him, are their toes pointing towards you, do they slightly mirror your actions (this is done without them even noticing it!), and is their torso pointed towards you?
  7. How does he respond when you show him a little more interest? If you flirt a tad with him, or give him some extra eye contact, does he turn away or does he like the extra attention? If he does, then you can be pretty certain there is some attraction there! 

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