Get Over Her She's Not Attracted To You

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Get Over Her She's Not Attracted To You

When a guy sees a woman then that’s usually the point of his attraction. So before the woman has even had chance of anything happening she already has someone who has fallen for her. For women it’s different, and this is usually where a lot of men go wrong.

Women are different to men in the way they become attracted to them. Once a guy is attracted he will usually go over the her and try his hardest to make them like him. When they have a approached their prospective date this is the point where they will turn the woman off. A woman doesn’t want to be approached by someone who’s trying their hardest to impress her. Women are far more attracted to someone when they don’t know if they fancy them. They get turned on by the “does he?” or “doesn’t he?” factor.

Then the single guy will start buying her drinks. He’s buying her drinks while she’s waiting for someone to come along who she’s attracted too. Buying a woman drinks will not win her affection. This will have the opposite effect. Now she will just take it as buying her affection, and the guys other qualities will look weaker.

After some conversation, and a few drinks she may give away her phone number. She’s given it out of either politeness or because she’s had too much to drink. Now the guy will think he’s going to start dating her, or knows he’s not but is going to try his hardest to make her like him.

After a couple of phone calls, and not getting anywhere because she’s always too busy the guy will probably buy her a gift. This is how he thinks he will win her affection. All the challenge and 

attraction is completely gone from this friendship. If she does eventually go out with the guy who’s showering her with phone calls and gifts it will just be as friends. As much as a guy can try he will never win the affection of a woman who isn’t attracted to him. Attraction is instant, and if it wasn’t there at the first meeting it won’t suddenly appear. 

Women like the kind of guy who doesn’t try too hard. This arouses their interest, and creates a challenge that gets them thinking. This is when they want to find out if the guy is attracted to them. They don’t want someone who looks desperate to approach them, and start kissing their butt at every opportunity. Women are attracted to the not-knowing, and the way a guy will act cool as if he doesn’t really care.

Thousands of single guys all over the world are making this mistake and more every day. The way women think, and the way men think women think are completely different.

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