Stupid Things Guys Say to Women - Stop Making These Mistakes!

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Stupid Things Guys Say to Women - Stop Making These Mistakes!

This may be hard to believe but there are more guys who fail with women because of lousy conversation skills than we think. It's not the things they say, it's how they say the canned lines or practiced openers.

You have to pack a punch into each line, make each statement shine and turn each pick up line into a finely honed seduction tool that will win her over.

Here are three of the biggest mistakes guys make when talking to women...
  1. Blah-blah and more blah. Women talk a lot when they're around men they like, but this does not mean you have to do the same thing.
    Blabbing means being desperate for attention, and being extremely scared of silence. Speak slowly and deliberately to get her attention, then encourage her to talk more about herself by asking pointed questions.
  2. The Ugly Truth. You can turn a critique into a compliment. When she directly asks a question about her dress (is it too tight, does she look fat, etc.), you should know better than to give her a pointed answer.
    Sometimes, brutally frank observations don't sound good. You can buffer the critique by following it up with a compliment (e.g. your butt looks flabby in that dress, just the way I like it).
  3. Wanna Make Out With Me? This is a powerful line that most guys use, but only a few of these guys actually get to make out with the women they ask.
Why? It's in the way you say this line. Some men mess it up by looking and sounding creepy. You must sound inviting and irresistible while dishing this out or it won't work.

When you start a conversation with a girl, mesmerize her by connecting solidly with her emotions. A girl who feels irrational attraction for you will go with you anywhere you want. This is achievable using a hypnosis technique we call fractionation.

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