Blow Gorgeous Girl's Minds Away With Wild Desire

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Blow Gorgeous Girl's Minds Away With Wild Desire 


Getting a sexy date would be one of your highest desires, but you cannot really get hot chick unless you know how to act. You may struggle with getting a girl to talk to you, which is a huge turn off to women, and even if you don't you struggle to keep her attention! There are some certain techniques that will ensure her attention is locked on you, and that you can pick her up almost instantly... Here is how you can get a gorgeous woman to desire you...

Say something completely out there- Yes! I am serious, the more strange your beginning lines are, the more she will be interested. The reason hot girls are interested, is because they always get men coming up and commenting on the same things, and asking them the same old lines... When you say something out there, she will be spending half her time trying to figure it out, and the other half wondering what is going on-- which leaves no time to spend thinking about rejecting you.

Surprise her completely- Surprising a girl appeals to her longings- gorgeous women long for excitement and surprises in their life...but most men fail to do such. The usual predictable, and typical things that men do around her, like buying her a drink, telling her she is pretty, or just giving her all his attention don't work. Try doing everything opposite of what most men do and this will surprise her.

Catch her off guard- The best way to get a hot girl's attention is to catch her off guard. Show up in between her and her friends, and ask if you are late, and what did you miss- even go as far as to ask if they ordered the drinks yet. This will completely throw her off, but in a comical way... since you are making yourself familiar like you were supposed to be there, like and old friend- yet you are someone new...

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