How to Get a Date With the Woman You Want

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How to Get a Date With the Woman You Want


For some guys, how to get a date is not an issue. It doesn't matter whether they are at a bar, in the mall or in the supermarket; once they see someone that interests them they go in for the kill. However, most guys have a fear of rejection so they just let the opportunity pass them by. Your biggest weapon in how to meet women is confidence. Women like guys that are confident. Look, even though you're shy, she doesn't know that! Just show some confidence and strike up a conversation. However, don't fake your confidence to the point you become arrogant.

Approaching a woman is one thing, but starting a conversation and keeping it interesting is another. Your opener 

is the most important part of the conversation with a girl you've just met. It will be used by women to gauge whether you are interesting enough to engage in a conversation. Don't try those lame pick up lines! Women already know those lines and might feel insulted that somebody will use it on them. Of course, an opener is still technically a pick up line, but it should be subtle and smooth; the best pick up lines are the ones that doesn't seem like a pick up line at all. As long as it gets the girl to talk to you, all is fair. There are some tried and tested openers in how to get a date , but it would be better if you develop your own.

For several years, bars and clubs are the number one place where guys go in order to meet women. It has worked for the male population for several years and still works to this day, but you shouldn't limit yourself to that box. 

The Internet is another great place to meet women. There are a lot of dating websites where women are practically sitting there waiting for guys to pick them up. Although the Internet presents some problems like women not looking as hot as they do on their profile pictures. More often than not, the really hot women rarely reply, possibly with all the guys lined up. Another problem most guys have is that hardly anyone visits their page. What you need to do is let women come to you by capturing their interest. What you should do is to keep your profile as interesting as possible without being overly revealing.

Once you've gotten a woman's attention, the next challenge is to keep her interested in you. One very effective way of maintaining a woman's interest in you is by teasing her. Tease her in a non-erotic sense; treat her how you would treat a bratty younger sister or cousin. Most guys keep giving compliments to a woman they like; teasing her is the exact opposite but also works wonders. This is a great way to show your sense of humor. Just make sure you don't cross the line and be offensive. Keep teasing as clean and fun as possible. For example, tell her it's impolite to stare but that it's ok because you understand that she can help it. This also gives the impression of confidence because you're treating her not as fairy tale princess, but as a real person.

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