Understand Men - Get the Relationship You Want

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Understand Men - Get the Relationship You Want


Often we just don't understand men at all. So much of their behavior is just out of our grasp. We as women are emotional creatures. Men on the other hand seem to be able to just switch their feelings off over night. What makes them do this and why do they do this? They can hurt our feelings and then accuse us of being oversensitive. Have you ever heard the line, you aren't going to bring that up again are you? Its us as women trying to get them to understand us. So can how we as women understand men and learn to live in harmony with them.

A lot of the answer lies within ourselves. We set expectations as to what we need to feel loved and to have love shown to us. Setting up these expectations in turn can set us up for disappointment. Men do not always view showing love to us the same way we do. So until we truly understand men and how they relate in relationships, we will not be able to move them towards us.

The actions that we use to get what we need to feel love are often what actually pushes them away. We complain, we nag, we ask, we cry and we get our feelings hurt. While these things may get us what we want short term, the man usually goes back to his old ways soon. These things don't work, so why continue doing the same thing if it just does not get you the results of what you actually need and want. How can you understand men and get what you need and deserve?

We don't want much really, just to feel adored and loved. Its really simple. So why don't men get it? Because they do not think like we do. They avoid emotional confrontation, Is there a better way to communicate our needs without throwing them into defense mode. Can you get what you really want and need with the man you are with now? The answer is yes. You can have the relationship you have always wanted and you can have it with a new man, your current man or maybe the one that got away.

You can understand men and how they relate to women. Understand their needs and how to get them to communicate with you on a deeper level by changing your attitude towards your relationship. If you let go of the outcome and realize you have no control over it, then you are more open to receive from them. If you can learn to show them that you will not be an emotional basket case every time they make a mistake, they will be more inclined to please you and work harder to make you happy. The first step to build a great and exciting relationship starts with you and how well you understand your man.

Whether you are married, in a relationship, or dating, the way you communicate with men is very important. It is important that you communicate in a way that does not send them running but still get your point across and stand your ground and get what you want. If you are feeling resentment because of all of the disappointments from your relationship you can change it and you can start today. Minutes from now you can have the tools and the knowledge to turn your relationship into bliss and have the man in you life working to make you happy without you lifting a finger. Have the relationship you want and deserve. Learn to understand your man.



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