How to Date A Workaholic?

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How to Date A Workaholic?


So he missed your birthday because he had an important meeting scheduled or could not pick you up from the airport because he was in the middle of an important project. You know this is not acceptable behavior but your heart still tells you ‘He is the one!’. You want to give your relationship the best shot. In that case, better come to terms with the fact that he is a workaholic and that his work will always come before you. Here is how to make the most of your relationship.

  1. Make sure that while he is working, he gets all the ‘peace of mind’ he needs to focus on his work. This means no constant phone calls, text messages or coming up with various ploys in your desperation for some attention. 
    Remember, that it is by choice that you decided to stick on in the relationship.

  2. Show him that you understand how much his work means to him. But also let him know that you are worried about him ‘burning out’ in the long run and remind him of the need for vacations in between and candle-lit dinners to keep the spark going(after all, he must eat at some point, right?).

  3. Drop in with some coffee once in a while when he is working late to let him know that you care. But do not stick around for too long, in case he thinks you are becoming too much of a ‘distraction’. Also, do not make it too frequent or else he might think you are just checking to make sure he is ‘actually’ working.

  4. Have a girls’ nights out and go chill with your friends while he is working when you have the urge to 
    ‘disturb’ him. He would actually appreciate the fact that you are reducing his guilt about not being able to catch the Friday night movie, again!

  5. Show him that you are an independent woman after all and you don’t always need ‘hand holding’. He would respect you for that.



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