Dating in Jeans. You look amazing!

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Dating in Jeans. You look amazing!


“I am woman, hear me roar”, should be the new mantra for the stylish and comfortable   Jeans. This premium denim line is designed to fit real women, ones with fuller hips, rounder rears and smaller waists…women who are tired of buying jeans that gap at the waist.   Jeans are tapered towards the waist and have a contoured fit over the rear that stops the unattractive underwear flash. No longer do you have to try on pair after pair of jeans, frustrated that they fit one area of your body and not another. If you have that feminine hourglass figure, one that is typically hard to fit, there is probably a   Jean waiting for you.

The beauty of these figure-flattering jeans is that they are available in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and washes. From sizes 4 to 16, with inseams from 31” to 38” inches, there is bound to be a pair you feel good in. And feeling good in your jeans is what it’s all about at the apparel company, the makers of   Jeans. Jean companies should not just  offer just a “curvier” line as some brands do. These babies are specifically designed for shapely women, right from the start.

If you are tired of jeans that gap and show off your undies, the 2% stretch added to the fabric of   Jeans helps them stay put at the waist. They hug your curves, move with you, and don’t cling inappropriately. Comfortable and trendy, they are priced at under $100, appealing to women from all walks of life.

One glance at   Jeans’ web site demonstrates that women of all shapes and sizes are s-e-x-y. From tall and thin, to shorter and rounder, models of varying nationalities show off the great fit of these jeans and body types accommodated. And if you are interested in showing off your very own assets, the company is even hosting a multi-cultural model search.






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