How to Dress for a First Date?

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 How to Dress for a First Date?

    Girls !!!
  1. Ask your date about the event: Will you need park clothes, beachwear, an urban dinner outfit or rock-climbing gear?
  2. Aim for middle ground for date one. Neutral colors, classic styles and great accessories are always comfortable, especially if you don't know your destination.
  3. Assess your position. Will you convey "career," "artistic," "dynamite" or "easy confidence"?
  4. Decide what makes you feel pretty, sexy, confident or comfortable. Do you want to be more sexy than sedate, or do you want to look sophisticated?
  5. Choose your colors. That little black dress, silver jewelry and an exotic shawl could be stylish and sophisticated. Pastels, gingham or soft lines suggest softness. Tie-dye can be fun or whimsical.
  6. Be yourself. If you're at ease with lower necklines and revealing clothes, go for it if it feels appropriate.
  7. Think comfort. Stiletto heels, new styles or a skimpy skirt may make you uncomfortable and distract you from your date.
  8. Dress it up or down. Classic separates can be easily paired with one extra-special piece for a boost.

Guys !!!

  1. Decide with your partner what tone you want to set for the event, and whether it is a formal, casual or specific event such as a swim party.
  2. Make an honest impression and a statement about your style and attitude at a casual dinner or first date.
  3. Pick from the classic basics unless you have a specific side of yourself to express. For most guys, that means khakis, jeans or casual dress slacks.
  4. Choose Oxford button-down shirts in blue, white or patterns. They pair up well with most pants and are attractive without being fussy. They layer well over a T-shirt and under a sweater, too.
  5. Show off those pecs in a knit shirt or T-shirt for comfort and versatility.
  6. Wear a dress shirt and tie, with or without a sport coat, to convey your attention to detail and your civility while still being casual.
  7. Decide on your footwear. Athletic shoes are accepted in most places but generally oxfords, boots or loafers look better for a date. Sandals can be clean-cut, counterculture or sporty.
  8. Wear neutral colors if you want your conversation to do the talking.
  9. Remember that personal grooming says more about you than your clothes



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