Tell If A Guy Is Not Interested In You

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Tell If A Guy Is Not Interested In You

Wouldn’t it be great to meet the perfect guy, get swept head over heels, go through a romantic fairytale, marry and bring up adorable children? Unfortunately, this can turn out just to be a pipe dream on many occasions. If you are “on the market” you are obviously looking for the best, have great standards and have a picture in your mind of the ideal guy.

How can you tell if a guy is not interested in you? You may well have come across somebody who you are particularly keen on and you have been out on a date of two and like what you see. It is usual to become a little confused at this stage as it is often difficult to really know what is happening.

As girls, we all know that guys are very difficult to read. We think that they almost never show their true feelings and are often slow to verbally express their emotions. However, we are looking for potential long-term relationships here and we need to know what’s going on. If this guy is not interested in you, you want to move on.

Be bold and take the initiative by picking up the phone and calling him. If a day or so has gone by without you hearing from him call, and leave a message if you don’t get through. Following this, if you do not hear from him again within a reasonable amount of time, you will know that the guy is not interested.

If you find that your potential dream guy does not call you for days at a time, guess what? This guy is not interested in you. Don’t beat about the bush, as there are plenty of fish in the sea. Understand that some guys hate confrontation and may shy away from actually telling you in person that they do not think you are a good fit together. In this case, they will often avoid the issue and simply not call you.

If your love interest hangs around a lot with other woman, it could be a way of telling you that the guy is not interested. He may well refer to his other contacts as just “friends”, but you should read between the lines and see what’s happening.

If you only hear from your love interest very late at night, around the time that the bars close, or when he’s looking for action, you should quickly conclude that this guy is not interested in anything other than sex. Don’t degrade yourself, and look for somebody who has a more mature approach to relationships.






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