7 in 10 Brits say "Online Flirting Is Not Cheating"

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7 in 10 Brits say "Online Flirting Is Not Cheating"


Edinburgh, UK, June 26, 2009. Over 71% of women who visit websites like BeNaughty.com for a bit of fun do not see online flirting as cheating and more than 72% of men share the same opinion.

A recent survey carried out by flirting dating site, www.benaughty.com, collected more than 2,600 responses from men and women who currently have a spouse or a full time partner. The fact that over 70% of both males and females answered ‘No’ to the question ‘Would you consider flirting online as cheating?’ would suggest a shift in public perception.

With the rise in popularity of introduction agencies and online dating websites came the inevitable birth of casual dating for people looking to flirt and have fun on the net, people whose aim was not to find a soulmate with a view to getting married but only to make new friends and have fun along the way. A more relaxed approach to relationships is now growing stronger.

Views on online dating have changed over the past decade and casual dating websites are now popular amongst the British. Just as many dedicate time to watching TV, playing console games and browsing the web, a great number of people in the UK are now spending time on online flirting websites.

Be Naughty’s Online Marketing Manager, Sean Wood, commented: “We launched our flirting service in 2007 and membership numbers have well exceeded our initial forecasts. BeNaughty.com is now in the UK’s top 5 most visited dating sites. It is very clear from this survey and others we’ve conducted that perceptions have changed a lot and that dating sites need to change also to meet people’s expectations if they are going to attract members.”

The future of online flirting is yet to be decided but it is safe to say that an increasing number of British men and women, currently in a relationship, regard their online chats and flirting sessions as a fun and harmless way to spend their spare time.

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