Having a Screaming Orgasm

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Having a Screaming Orgasm

Saturday afternoon I decided to drive to Ft. Worth to see TW40.? Yeah I drove 42 miles one way just to see what it feels like to drive to go on a date.? I must say it sucks!? I can promise my readers and myself I won’t be doing it again.? It’s not because I didn’t have a good time.? It’s because it’s too far.? So anyway, I arrived in the TCU?area of Ft. Worth around 1pm.? TW40 and I planned just to have lunch and relax.? When I arrived at her place, she was standing outside waiting for me in the driveway.?

She was wearing a short flowered sundress.? It was cute.? She also had on flip-flips.? I have to say I was exhausted from the 103 degree heat.? All I could think of was a cold bottle of water.? As soon as I sat down, TW40 began to knell in front of me.? She was hugging and kissing me.? I could tell she was excited to see me.? I know this women is always wanting to be sexual.? It’s like she’s never ever satisfied.?   She’s always horny.? So I must admit we had sex right there in the living room.? I bent her over the ottoman, slipped her thong off and flipped her sundress up.? It was a hot session of sex.? The blinds to the patio were open.? The TV was still on.? It was just pure spontaneous sex.? I’m sure no one could see inside her apartment, because she has tinted windows.? I’m just not sure if they could hear her screams and moans from the side walk.? I was expecting a quickie before lunch, but this was far from that.? After about 45 minutes in the living room, we decided the bedroom would be better for both of our knees and it was.? Now I’m not the type that turns down sex, but I was hungry.? So today food trumped sex.? I had to cut this session short.? I promised her that I would continue after we had lunch.? So off to find food.? I had my mind set on Potbelly.? I love their sandwiches.? So we had a Potbelly sandwich and cream soda.?   We ended up just chatting about college life.? There were plenty of college kids walking up and down the street.? It reminds me of being 21 years old and having no responsibility in the world.? Life was so simple back then.? And of course after a long day of class you would hang out with your friends in a sandwich shop.? It was about 1 hour later we wanted to drive around the area.? She took me to the medical district, past the Colonial Country Club, and then through downtown.? It has been 4 years since I’ve been to this part of Ft. Worth.? Lots of things have changed in 4 years.? I was ready to see a few other parts of town, but she was ready to get home.? As soon as I walked in the door, she was naked and ready.? I couldn’t believe this.? Usually the man is wanting sex.? So once again we spent the next 2 hours having sex.? The one thing that caught me off guard is what she said during a orgasm.? I’ve heard all kinds of things previously.? I’ve heard women who pray, that would be the ones that scream “OH God!”? I’ve heard women talk dirty, that would be the ones that cuss.? I’ve heard women that believe in Allah, those would be the ones who just cover their face and chant.? TW40 was in the midst of a squirting/crying orgasm? when she screamed, “I love you!”? I was a bit shocked and I couldn’t stop having sex because I wasn’t finished.? So I asked her what did she say?? She said it again, except this time it was louder.? I? LOVE YOU!!!? Now I’m wondering if she thinks I'm? giving her sex talk.? So? I stop talking.? When we finish, we both are laying on the bed.? She turns and says, ”you might want to run now.”? What the? hell?!!!? She then says,?" after orgasms like that I might stalk you.”?? My natural reaction now is to run!? Run, brotha man, run!? The only thing I can do now is just to reassure her everything is ok.? She laid next to? me shivering and shaking.? After? about 15 minutes she gained her composure.? We talked for a while and?  watched? some? TV for a while. ?

By this time it’s almost 8pm.? I’m not staying the night at her house.? I had other plans on Sunday? morning.? So as much as? I wanted to stay, I was also ready to go home to sleep in my own bed.? TW40 was content? and satisfied with? our Saturday afternoon.? So once again I drove 42 miles back home.? I’m glad that she’s not closer.? After today she might turn into a stalker.? They always say the moment of orgasm is the moment of truth.? Do you really say what you're? feeling?? So I’m wondering if you can really believe what someone says during sex? or at the moment of? orgasm?????


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