How to Orgasm?

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How to Orgasm?


Believe it or not, there are some tips you can follow when you want to know how to orgasm. Many women find reaching orgasm difficult. They are racing against their partner's orgasm, and it's a no-contest situation causing unbelievable frustration. Step out of the race, and learn to prime your vagina for excitement and orgasm.

  1. Know your own body. You can‘t share what you like if you don‘t know! Use well-oiled hands to massage your breasts. Pinch and roll your nipples, changing the pressure until you find the best pressures that also make you tingle and get your vagina wet. Move your slick hands across your belly continuing the massage. Move even further down and palm your mound. Rotate your hips and increase the pressure between your ****oris and your hand. Experiment!

  2. Practice, practice, practice - try new things - even on your own, and all alone. Enjoy pleasuring yourself to orgasm somewhere other than the bedroom - get in the shower with your primed ****oris directly under a pulsing, beating shower stream. Yes, a new showerhead counts as a sex toy purchase! Explore your ****oris and vulva with gently probing, soapy fingers. A fingertip vibrator feels good on your nipples and even better on your **** while you move a full vibrator into your excited, waiting vagina. Enjoy!

  3. With a healthy mix of fun and naughty, share your sexual fantasies with your partner. Use explicit language and detail. “I love it when you to go down on me.” Have him watch you pleasure yourself (without touching you). Show him how YOU use your personal massager. It’s show-and-tell adult style! And, ladies, most men have no idea how important FOREPLAY is to your orgasm. Explore—and let him know what you like!

  4. When you get down to the floorshow, keep talking for goodness sake! Yell it, moan it, and scream it. TELL him what feels good. Change positions and give your g-spot and your vagina a workout. Guide his hand and his hips to a rhythm YOU control. Don’t clam up! Dig your heels (or your nails) in and control the ride or the rider (as it may be). Encourage! As the directions say, “Lather, rinse, REPEAT!”





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