Creating an Impression for a Lesbian 

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Creating an Impression for a Lesbian 


For lesbians, the first impression is very important. The urge to be you is very strong, and you want to stress those positive traits you have without drawing lots of attention towards the negative. It doesn’t matter whether the lesbian California date you want to meet is online, in a club or bar or not, you might remain single for life because of a first time negative impression. You need to hook all her interest on you, as you look good and positive all along.

Make sure you have given a single genuine compliment but avoid the sins of over flattering. If at all you are in a club or bar, compliment her taste in clothes, shoes or her appearance. If it’s an ad online you are giving a feedback, say nice things for portions of things she wrote. You can also try to find genuine and positive about her, and incase you cannot, you better move. There is nothing for you in her.

Keep searching for a common ground as you ask the lesbian California date about all her interests, from her goals and her job to anything you would like and them you can tell her yours. The more you get a common ground the more comfortable and overtly relaxed she becomes, which will be the basis for what you are going to talk. In any piece of conversation, listen more than you talk. If you speak so much you are going to make the partner uninterested and self-absorbed. If you talk a lot and ramble more, mostly when you are nervous, keep asking her questions and you will keep the California date talking as you talk less.

Avoid interrupting her as she tries to create rapport or answer your questions. A continuous interruption of somebody’s conversation is a very rude affair. If the date has said something you need to comment or give feedback, just make yourself a mental reminder, but you have to give it once she is through. Try to be as interesting as you can. Even if the kind of existence you have talks of boringness since you spend a lot of time watching TV all evening, there has to be something overtly interesting in your life. You have hobbies, passions goals and dreams. You can focus on them rather than lingering on the aspects in your life or job that are boring. As you continue having a social time with the California date, keep staying positive.

Do not in any way corrupt any of your impression with clouded negativity. Don’t make the mistake of many lesbians. Make sure even the slow service in the bar or restaurant passes without your comment, or the appearance of the female on the next table faces your criticism. Even if you are full with weird stories of nut-heads who have answered to your online ad, this is the wrong time to tell them. Be polite and positive in attitude as you let your personality shine, and if the date comes out negative and you fail to start a lesbian relationship, take it as a splendid lesson.






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