Your 1st Lesbian Sex

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Your 1st Lesbian Sex


Here are some tips for your first female bisexual.

There’s an awful lot wrapped up in your first lesbian sexual encounter. Being nervous is normal. It might be your first time having sex or your first time having sex with another woman. There’s much cultural hype about “your first time” or “losing your virginity.” You never forget your first time. Here’s a few tips to get you through your first time lesbian sexual experience.

  1. Know your own body. Before you can turn someone else on, it’s good to know what makes you hot. Masturbation is good. Spend some one-on-one time with yourself. When you touch yourself and find the places which feel pleasurable, you’ll know where to touch her.  And more importantly, how to convey to her what turns you on.
  2. I suggest you go sober. You want to remember your first lesbian sexual experience. Alcohol or drugs can lower your inhibitions and make the first move easier, but you’re not as likely to do or say something regrettable if you stay sober.
  3. Fantasize heavily. This all begins with a hot fantasy. If you’re ready to sleep with another woman, you must have thought about it. What are your thoughts? Does she throw you down on the bed, strip you naked and have her way with you? Or do you go skinny dipping in your backyard pool and start kissing all over? You must imagine it before you can do it.
  4. Leave all your sex toys in the drawer. There will be plenty of time to learn about and play with them. Let your first time be a simple and natural flesh on flesh love.
  5. Relax. Take your sweet time. Touch her all over. Don’t go straight for her crotch. Undress her very slowly, appreciating every newly exposed piece of flesh. Kiss her elbows. Touch her and kiss her breasts. Blow softly in her ear. Kiss her neck and back. Caress her belly, her inner thighs. Kiss and lick behind her knees. Smell under her arms. Massage her buttocks. Slowly suck on her fingers. Become naked and lay your body on top of hers. Grind one-another, There’s so much erotic fun you can have before you ever even touch her pubic area. Enjoy.

    When you do get down to her crouch area, Slowly lick up her thighs and kiss her vulva. Spread her legs and open her lips with your fingers. Take a look. Tell her how beautiful she looks.

    Use your tongue. Your whole tongue. Flatten it out. Use just the tip. Lick her like an ice cream cone. Flick it like a butterfly wings. Use gentle strokes. As her excitement builds, add more pressure. Focus more on the area around her clit.
  6. Communicate. Ask her what she desires. Ask her if what you’re doing feels good ans sensual. Tell her where you like to be touched. Communication is a very important key to any good sexual relationship. If she’s doing something you really like, moan or purr to let her know that feels good.
  7. Have a realistic expectation. Your very first time with a girl should be about getting to know her body, getting to know how to turn her on and learning what your chemistry is all about. Orgasm may or may not occur the first time. It's okay. The important point is to become physical, get close, express your feelings of love or desire.



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