How to Recognize the Dangers of Dating a Supervisor?

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How to Recognize the Dangers of Dating a Supervisor?


This may be your perfect partner--funny, sensitive, into problem solving, free of drama. Too bad this person is your supervisor. The most challenging interoffice dating situation involves supervisors and their employees. If you recognize the dangers before you head into a relationship, you can make sure you're ready to handle the pitfalls that can come with such a partnership

  1. Understand what might happen if you reject your supervisor's advances. It may be uncomfortable between the two of you for a while. Being prepared for that possibility will make stopping things before they start even easier.

  2. Think about your career. Dating a supervisor to get ahead might work in the short term, but if you break up later on, you might have to abandon your path at your current company.

  3. Consider the effect of your relationship on your supervisor's career. While managers aren't usually fired for dating subordinates, it can affect their reputations within the company and make getting promoted difficult.

  4. Decide how your workplace romance with your supervisor will affect your relationships with your colleagues. Many co-workers will assume you're sleeping with the boss to get ahead. You may damage your relationships with them unless you were close friends before.

  5. Think about what you will write on your resume if you are fired or leave your job before you're ready because your relationship with your supervisor went sour. If you can't come up with a good way to transition out of your current job, it may be best not to date your supervisor at all.

  6. Consider how your reputation in your field will be affected by your office relationship. Most career circles are pretty small, and dating a supervisor could close off some opportunities for you.






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