How to Not Sleep With Your Boss to Get a Promotion?

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How to Not Sleep With Your Boss to Get a Promotion?


Have you ever wondered sleeping with your boss? Do you know somebody at work who has slept with their boss? Is it because their boss is hot? A quick promotion or to get a pay raise perhaps? Times are tough and a lot of us are worried of losing our job. You may think that sleeping with your boss is a good way to keep your job, get a raise or promotion. Sleeping with your boss has bad and good effects. It really depends on your current situation, how you define your self-worth, moral values and the type of person you are. Here are a few tips that may help you change your mind if you are leaning towards sleeping with your boss.

  1. Think of an honest way to get ahead of your career. You can be recognized with your hard work by letting your boss know what your career goals are. You can impress your manager naturally by helping him/her succeed professionally. Make your boss like you as a worker not as somebody whom he/she can sleep with.

  2. Watch out for little birdies at work. Your coworkers may not find out now but eventually they will. You will always be talked about and your coworkers will not respect you. They will make fun of you because they know how you got promoted. Do you need this type of attention? You should earn the respect of your colleagues and managers.

  3. After sleeping with your boss and getting what you want, do you think your conscience will not bother you? Do you think you will be happy? You have the position or pay that you have always wanted or dreamed of, but do you deserve it? Did you earn it?

  4. Reflect on the following questions:
    a. How did your parents raise you? 
    b. Do you respect yourself? 
    c. Do you believe in karma? 
    d. What if you get married or you are married and your partner did the same thing? How would you feel?
    e. If your boss is married, wouldn't you feel guilty? Are you a home wrecker? Don't be selfish. Think of other people as well.

  5. Is your boss the decision maker when it comes to laying off people? Don't think that managers always make the decision in laying off people. Do you trust your boss?

  6. Remember, getting a promotion by sleeping with your boss will definitely open a whole can of worms.


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