How to Ask your Boss Out?

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How to Ask your Boss Out?

If you are unsuccessful in dating and have been wondering how to get a guy/girl to date you, you must be having some tough time. Most people these days do not care much about ‘losers’ like you who have to learn the tricks of the trade. Don’t fear, I have a lot of dating tips and anti tips for people like you, just for the approaching/impending Valentine’s day.

Worry not, fear not, just sit back and wait for me to unleash some kick-ass tips to brighten your boring life and add charm to your lonely Valentine’s Day. So all you lonely hearts and socially deficit people, you are just a step away from being able to date any person you want and yes, dump any person you want at the snap of a finger.

In the first feature, we shall discuss how to date your boss or ask him/her out
  1. Make sure seeing co-workers is acceptable if there are any such policies in your organization. If it is not acceptable, sign a resignation letter, and then call up your hottie in the cabin pronto!
  2. If you can’t resign and still wanna be with the hottie, well dearie, you can’t have the cake and eat it as well!
  3. Make sure your boss is in a good mood (Like I needed to tell you this, but some people just do not understand) and then approach him or her.
  4. Now if the Boss is in a good mood, leave your inhibitions aside, wear your best smile and start being honest. When I say honest, I really do! So do not beat around the bush and make a fool of yourself. Say something like “I don’t want to offend you but I would like to tell you that I am attracted to you and was wondering if you felt the same
  5. If the boss looks irate and shocked, then you could always apologize and say you perhaps crossed your limit and that it wouldn’t happen again
  6. However, everyone feels flattered at being the object of affection or romantic interest. So let us assume the body language is positive, you could ask him or her out for dinner.
  7. Once you start dating your boss, keep professional things to your time at office and when meeting elsewhere, do not attempt to talk about office.
  8. Get to know the person more, and do not treat him or her like your boss but as a friend.

Once you have reached this stage, you shouldn’t be seeking dating tips but instead giving them out to the needy.





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