Body language and hunting and mating game

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Body language and hunting and mating game


Hunting and mating are strongly programmed in men's DNA. This drive to reproduce our DNA by producing children is in every member of every species. None of us would be here today if our ancestors had not perfected the techniques for hunting and mating over millions of years. Men unconsciously still use the ancient tactics that their ancestors perfected for hunting and mating. Establishing territory with masculine body language is one instinctual behavior that is a part of ancient hunting and mating. So a guy 'on the hunt' today for a woman naturally feels most comfortable if he symbolically uses body language to establish 'his territory' where he can see all the women present (i.e. the 'prey').

So the first step in searching for a mate is to go where the women are, and establish your territory. When in your 'territory', it is natural for you to display your dominance level, or 'Alpha Maleness' ('leader of the pack'). Men display their dominance level (Alpha Maleness) in how they dress, by their body language and by establishing their territory. This is done unconsciously for three reasons:

  1. To show that they are strong and are an Alpha Male.
  2. To scare other males off and minimize competition.
  3. To let the women see they are there 'hunting'. 

Instinctually for survival reasons, women seek a man who is healthy and strong so he can protect her and the offspring. Therefore women seek the Alpha Male type when available. 





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