How to Act Around Guys?

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How to Act Around Guys?

    Hanging around boys is much different from hanging around girls. If you're not sure how to act around the guys, these tips might help.


  1. Be yourself, and be calm at all times! If you aren't, then everything will turn out horribly.
  2. Talk with him, joke with him, and flirt with him. Make sure that you aren't around him too much! He may think you are stalking him!
  3. Don't wear revealing clothes, ever. However, wearing soccer shorts and a t-shirt all the time is a turnoff. Wear clothes that look good on you.
  4. Try to act cute and a little bit silly. You could also try being hard-to-get. Don't go overboard on the whole hard-to-get thing.
  5. Smile a lot, and be extra friendly. Just remember to do that to your girl friends as well.
  6. Try not to play with your hair unless you are trying to flirt, because then you look insecure.
  7. Laugh with him, not at him.
  8. Be positive, boys feel VERY uncomfortable answering questions like: "Oh, I'm so fat. Don't you think?" or "No one has ever liked me!" They are afraid that they will say the answer that you wont like. Avoid that common mistake.
  9. If you like something he likes it's always a bonus. But it doesn't matter if you like completely different things, just try to find something you both like or dislike.
  10. If you like him, avoid trying to flirt physically! If you can tell he doesn't seem to like it much, you should lay off. It will also make you look more mature if you're not hanging off him.


  • Never interrupt if he's doing anything else you wouldn't like.
  • Treat him with respect. If you're trying to get his attention, treat him a little bit nicer, just don't be annoying.
  • Compliment him. He will get a mini ego-boost. It won't look obvious that you like him, and he will love you for it!
  • Smile often and laugh at his jokes, no matter how stupid they are, but don't laugh to much or insincerely.
  • Look at the guy you like just enough so he knows you're flirting. Try and make eye contact, especially while smiling.
  • Try to relax and have fun! If you're having fun, you'll be yourself without worrying about anything negative!
  • Make a joke or be silly. Try to lighten up the air. Smile at him if he reacts.
  • Most important of all don't suffocate him. Give him some space.
  • Be yourself! Many guys hate it when girls try to change just to impress them.
  • Be calm and be mature
  • Avoid talking about other guys you think are cute around him.
  • DONT let him force you into having sex and doing anything you don't want to do.
  • Respect his privacy and keep anything he tells you in confidence to yourself.
  • Remember relationships only work and thrive on honesty, trust, working things out together, commitment, love, kindness and openness.
  • Don't over-do the jokes, it'll make you look like you're trying too hard
  • Try your best to keep your cool, remember, take slow deep breaths if your going to loose it.
  • Just be yourself if he still seems like he doesn't like you, then you can't change that. Don't try to be someone your not.


  • Don't ever stereotype guys and assume them to be all the same; just like girls, each guy is different. So if something worked for one guy, don't assume it will work for them all.
  • Never go too fast, but don't move too slow either. If you're too fast it'll scare him, however if you go too slow, he can easily get away.
  • Don't say anything mean to him you think is a joke.
  • Do not act like a drama queen around him. Most do not like that, and will eventually lose interest in you because he'll start to think you're annoying.
  • Try not to stare at him 24/7. He'll get a little annoyed and uncomfortable with it. But Occasionally look at him.
  • Whatever you do, do what you truly want to be or do, not what you think HE wants you to be or do. It's true with your girlfriends, too. You'll feel much better in the long run.
  • Don't flirt obnoxiously
  • Be nice to EVERYONE.
  • Don't be too clingy
  • Don't ditch your friends. Guys like girls who are loyal and he will be happy your not living in his pocket.
  • Let him talk to other girls. Don't be over possessive, such as saying, "Get away from him, he's mine!" Most guys don't like that.
  • If a boy is having a party and invites you, and tells you not to tell anyone, he means it!
  • If he lies, cheats, abuses you in any way, forces you into sex and/or makes you do anything you don't want to do, he's a creeper and DUMP HIM!
  • Don't do the girly high pitched head-voice talk. Guys hate that. Also, nobody really talks like that. It's totally fake and it's not you.

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