How to End Awkward First Date Conversations?

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How to End Awkward First Date Conversations?

We all have the horror stories of awkward first date conversations: the date is going along decently enough. You’re feeling awkward, he’s in the same boat, but there’s a sort of quirky cuteness to the way you’re starting to get to know each other. And then one of you sets off on a conversational path that trails off into an awkward silence or, worse, a call for the check.
Awkward conversations are inevitable when you are just getting to know someone. If you’re attracted to your date, that can make the stammers even worse. Rather than letting a misstep ruin what could have been the start of a great relationship, there are ways to diffuse the situation and set the conversation back on track. It all comes down to knowing how to handle a conversational hiccup.

Laugh It Off
The absurdity that is a first date is often the pink elephant in a room. You’re trying to get to know a person, feel out a possible connection and convey all of your best qualities – all at the same time. It’s nerve-wracking and can make sane people do silly things.

If you thought that telling the story of your very first date seemed like a good idea at the time, but is quickly turning into a runaway train of embarrassment, be the first to laugh. “Wow, that played out much differently in my head” or “This seemed like a good story right up until the moment I opened my mouth” is a way to break the awkwardness with laughter. Chuckle and grin at your date before saying, “You pick the next topic. I clearly can’t be trusted” to move on to something more engaging.

Quickly Switch Gears
If one of the taboo topics of a first date come up – exes, flings, parents, money – you are within full rights of politely shifting the conversation. A topic change doesn’t have to be a huge, awkward moment – it only is if you make it so. Instead of grimacing or silently staring into your drink glass, smile politely and shift gears. “I’d rather not discuss that on a first date, but I would love to know a little more about your family. Do you have brothers or sisters?”

If It is a Deal Breaker, It’s OK to End the Date
Maybe he’s a staunch Republican and your Democratic self can’t cross the aisle for a bipartisan relationship. Suppose he has spent the course of the evening knocking down everything for which you stand. Whatever the reason, if it is clear that a first date is turning into nothing but awkward conversations and it will not develop into anything more, you can end both the conversation and the date itself without feeling guilty.

At a pause in the conversation, smile at your date and explain that you have greatly enjoyed meeting him, but that you think it is time to end the evening. If you are at dinner, ask for the check and secure a ride home – whether a cab or a friend you have on standby just in case this kind of evening arises. It’s better to let the evening come to an end while there is still a sense of decorum in place, rather than let it escalate into an argument or even more awkwardness later on.


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