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What makes a perfect match?


What makes a perfect match? This question has made guys and gals break their head with thousands of thoughts coming up in their mind. Some may think only about the physical appearance, some may consider about intimate relationship when they think about a perfect match, attachment in public functions and get together may be another thought. So there are different opinions about choosing a perfect match and each one follow their own as it is their life. If you are in state of confusion and who need a answers for this question then here is brief as how you can look for your perfect match.
The first and foremost things you need to do before going in search of a match is know what your character is. Most people who are single avoid doing this and finally select a wrong person as their partner. Your character reflects what kind of person you are. It shows your principles, your way of living and your way of seeing things. When you know you are this kind of person, then you can look for a partner who would compliment you rather than de-motivating you. As a perfect match, your partner must support you and be with you in all your odds. Also when you look for a person who has characteristics similar to yours you can avoid silly fight and the cold wars that arise due to ego.
Most people have a wrong impression that perfect match is just being together always and just hugging and kissing each other in public. This is indeed wrong. A perfect match is much more than these. There should be a mutual understanding between the two and also their ideas or thoughts are similar. In other words, we say made for each other, when the couple both in appearance and the thoughts have such a good rapport. These people feel the pain of loneliness when the one of them is away. They share their happiness, sorrows everything with each other. They don’t find fault in others action and have a strong belief on the other. The first date also plays a key role in making a perfect match as the first impression is always the best impression.




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