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      Roles of Husband and Wife --- 3:

5. Husband – Provider.
      Provide physical needs.
      Provide spiritual needs.
      Give a Godly purpose to life..

6. Wife- Administrator
      Skillful administer what the husband provides.
      Wisely invest what is saved.
      Seek Godly wisdom to administer.
Husbands, you are the family provider. You are the one who will meet every need of your house.  You are the bread earner but also remember that money is an article which may be used as a universal passport to everywhere except heaven and as a universal provider of everything except happiness.  Husbands you are also the provider of spiritual needs to your family. Sit with your family and teach them God's ways, and how to walk in the light.  Give your family a Godly purpose for living. Help every one in your family explore the truth, find the truth and live by it alone.  Set ambitions in your children.  Let them understand what's right. Develop the right values in your children

Wives: you are the administrator of you husbands property and income.  An administrator is someone who carries water for his people so that they can get on with their jobs. While you husband is out working to provide, you should wisely invest his saving.

In my next post I will continue this discussion of another set of roles between husband and wives.














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