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      Roles of Husband and Wife --- 2:

3. Husband – Leader.
     Final leadership responsibility lies with husband.
      Exercise in love the authority given to you.
      Resist the enemy not your family.
      Receive counsel and wisdom from your wife.

2. Wife- Helper
      Comes from the word "to surround"
      Not a secondary role.
      Surround husband with Support, Exhortation, Comfort
      Make available to Godly qualities within you to help him develop

Husbands, the final leadership responsibility lies with you. Lead with love. Involve your wife into the decision making process,  Respect and value her inputs.  If you are planning on buying a vacation home, take her with you while you shop for a vacation home.  Involve her in the hunt for the home as both of you would be living there.  Involve her into the financial of buying the home and this would affect both of you.  Ask her if she would be comfortable living there and if it is right choice according to her. Hear her out.  Receive counsel from her. Check on her if it the right time for an investment like this.  Recognize the pearls of wisdom when she responds to you. Remember :To be a Leader, you need to have a Follower.  If you wife does not follow you, then it is time for you to question your own Leadership and make amendments.

Wives: Your role is a helper.  As a helper you would surround you husband with "Support", "Exhortation" and "Comfort". Once you both have decided on buying a vacation home. Keep on supporting this decision by telling him your dreams and plans when the home gets into your possessions.  Be a continuous support to the decision made to buy the vacation home.  While time were not too very good, comfort him and boost his morale.  Never let him down and make him feel that the decision was just his. Never tell him that you turned silent as he was persistent in having the vacation home.  Don't blame him and his friends who made the decision before involving you.  Remember your role was a part of the decision process.  The partnership to buy the house was a 50:50 % deal, where you had 50% say and stake in it all and so did you husband.

In my next post I will continue this discussion of another set of roles between husband and wives.





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