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      Roles of Husband and Wife --- 1:

1. Husband – Reassurer.
      Wives need to be loved and cherished
      They are sensitive to motives
      Must reassure your wife of love for her
      Reinforce faithfulness with actions

2. Wife- Supporter
      Husbands need to be respected and honored
      God has given men the desire to conquer.
      When a wife is supportive, husbands are more willing to step out.
      Respect the authority God has placed within him
             Work together in decision making
             Don’t side with children against him.

Husband you wife need to be loved. You need to give them the reassurance that you love her.  Ring in the three little words, "I love you". Be sensitive to them. Look for opportunities to love  your wife and show your love to  her  Have a real conversation with her. Discuss her work matters as well as your work matters. Wives tend to worry a bit to much about, "What tomorrow will be?". Husbands assure your wife of a stable future ahead.

Wives respect your husband word. He may make a statement and contradict the same statement later on.  Do not hold him to his statements, but respect and honor him.  Men are ambitious.  Respect and. encourage the ambition he displays.  Look at every man down history. God has made him a conquer (ambitious).  Support you man and he will be more than willing to step out.  Never let him make a decision and sit back to criticize it. On the other hand partake in the decision process.  Discover the pro and cons with him.  Never try to get support of children, friends and relatives against the decision he has made.  You children, friends and relatives are not one-flesh with him.  Getting them involved in something that you should be in the right manner with him will be just you shying away from your role. You begin to sow a seed of rejection.  What would you reaping?  Have you ever been in a situation like this?  Make the right choice my dear sisters.


In my next post I will continue this discussion of another set of roles between husband and wives.






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