Love is blind, but marriage restores its sight

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We all have read the story of how God made man (Adam & Eve). Adam was made complete and whole containing within one person all the attributes we know as male and female. As the story goes we know the God formed woman from a rib He took from Adam.  Now why did god choose the rib bone and not a bone from the head or the foot.. Woman (Eve) was made as man equal companion. She was not made to rule over man and hence God did not select a bone from man head, at the same time she was not made to be man's slave and a bone was not taken from mans foot. A woman was made as man's equal companion.  Each was created to fulfill and complete the other. 

The result of two people giving actively to each other, preferring each other totally in wholeness (One Flesh)

  • The couple was meant to strengthen each other.   They were stronger together than either of them individually.
  • Leaving and Cleaving is an active, purposeful positioning and it meant “to adhere, be joined together, to catch up by pursuit” –Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife and they shall be one flesh.

The synergism of one flesh was established.  Synergism means the whole is greater than the sum of the two parts.  Both man and woman have a unique qualities and attributes which enhance their unity.  The story narrates:

  • Alone: Adam had to just cultivate and keep the Garden
  • Together: They were to fill the earth, subdue it and rule over every living thing.


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