The only one who should have to pay for a bad relationship is the person in your next relationship.

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Undesirable Crop: This is a weed killer and crop began to die immediately.

  1. Crops may take time to fully die.

  2. There may even appear to be growth spurts.

How often we permit a thought to be planted in our lives which should have never been there. These thought may be planted by a mere conversation with friends and colleagues about happening in their relationship or normally washroom gossip.  Many a time we do see television and the killer soaps and we see how lover play musical chairs changing partner a dozen times in a serial.  We pick up these reason and look for them in our relationship.  Remember I said "LOOK FOR" them.  Truly they may not exist. but we do make them exist.  Sometimes questions are more important than answers.  We reject the reality and substitute it with our own.  We plant a seed of this killer weed, killing the harvest of the seed we had sown in the past.  

This harvest of this seed may be a dual fold condemnation.  We condemn our partner.  We begin to taunt our partner with words, attitude and actions sowing further killer weed into the relationship.  We are now faced with a multiple harvest of killer weeds to destroy you crop of love.  This may result in a slow death of love in your relationship.  During this time you may see spurts of love growth but if this killer weed of that bad thought be not uprooted and thrown into the fire it will spring up again to live at a late date weaving it way out to kill the love of your relationship.  The second fold of condemnation which usually takes place a bit later is self condemnation. We begin to blame ourselves for everything. We claim that we do everything wrong. We can never do anything correctly. Love and Marriage is not for me. I have friends but I will never make up my mind to marry.  Been in this phase.  You have now an option to save this relationship.   Did you end you previous relationship on this note?    The only one who should have to pay for a bad relationship is the person in your next relationship.




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