Treasure your relationships, not your possessions

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      Recognizing Crops: We need to take inventory on a monthly basic, in ourselves, our spouses and our children.  
  • Discover what seed have been sown to harvest good crop.
  • Carefully select more seed of the same type to continue good crop.

A good education will always produce a good crop.  There is no denial about it. Most parents would like their children to follow them.  We parents think, "I am an engineer, my son should be an engineer." Wonderful! Brilliant idea!

  1. What have you sown? 
  2. Have you sown the right seed?
  3. Have you recognized the harvest the seed has produced and sown more of it?
  4. Have you continued this process to see you son become and engineer?

Most of us very naturally accomplish Step 1 and Step 2..  We stop and then we do see our children have another interest developed in them.  We start the blame game and blame them of having an inconsistent personality. Your child has received a seed from elsewhere.  This seed was watered by another farmer (a friend, television, media, a school teacher etc.)  Now interest differ. You may now try sowing the same seed in love to check on if any interest picks up, however if it does not stop sowing the same seed.  If you child has chosen a good profession find similar seed and start sowing them.  If you child decided to become an accountant find similar seed and sow them. Follow all the steps above and keep on until he become the sparkle of your eye.











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