Love lasts when the relationship comes first.

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Love lasts when the relationship comes first.

We have sown seed into our relationship as discussed in the previous two post.  Today we shall discuss the harvest:

Tilling:  The earth need to be prepared to receive her seed.  Farmer need to plough the land and then plant their seed. A birds need to build the nest before laying her eggs. We need to have a sufficient level of trust, before we can sell good and services to people.  We need to wait for our spouses to be in the right frame of mind before discussing an issue of importance.  Now we both agree that to have a fare level of trust or to get one in the right frame of mind, we need to  work on building this trust factor. This is simply what every farmer does, he tills the soil and water it.

Don't dig up your seed to see how they are doing.  Often we sow love in our spouses lives in our action, in our words and in our attitude and a few week later we want to take inventory of what we have sown. We get into a 360 with our loved one.  We many a times dig up the soil to check how our seed is faring.  The result is that we conclude the other one is faking it.

Time Factor:  Remember! harvesting occurs in a different season than the sowing.  We have seed time and harvest time. The harvest of a studying through out the year is a good result of the end of the term. Here we see sowing time is through out the year but the reaping time is graduation day.

Don't harvest an immature crop: I can out it to you in another way, "Do not pluck the fruits that are set aside for someone else to pluck". Many a times in our life we try to do a job that is set aside for a friend, our partner colleague,  the partner boss or moreover for a family member to pluck.  We may think we do have all the right to uproot the wrongs our partner is doing. Sow your seed but wait for the right person to pluck the fruit.



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