Relationship Building - Part II

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Relationship Building - Part II


In our days to day life sow seed of different types. Today lets discuss them.

1.    Words: Let examine this statement. “I just can’t do anything right”.  Here we go cursing ourselves imposing limitation. How often have we used this statement?  Death and Life is in the power of your tongue, choose life.  We then go about complaining that we are broke, busted and disgusted. So of us self-sympathies by “why me?” or “why has it to be me always?” when the results our life produce our as negative to the words we spoke. Stop abusing your self and starting speaking a positive note. We have to sow good seeds. How many of us at work fall into company and grumble and speak ill about the organization that pays you your monthly paycheck. We complain about our bosses, the management, the organization the cafeteria at office and we expect the same organization to bless us with an increments and a promotion.  We have sowed seed of negativism in our work place and so we have reaped the same.  I have many a time come across an adult telling, “Chris, don’t touch the glass, you will drop it and it will break.” Well  we all know what happened, Chris dropped the glass and the adult said, “I told you not to touch the glass, now see its broken”.  WORDS! These are powerful seeds.

2.    Attitudes: Humility vs. pride, gratitude vs. bitterness, selfishness vs. agape love, joy vs. sorrow, eagerness vs. reluctance, and acceptance vs. judgment. Let talk about the number of time we accepted what some one said.  How often we asked your partner where have you been and few days later questioned him telling him he was not there as your friends saw him somewhere else.  Now you have just put more weight age on your friends’ word.  You trust a friend who you do not live with, and mistrust the one you live with. You decide, what kind of seed you have sowed? Do this a couple of time and you will notice the harvest you reap. Well you have sowed into the wind, you are sure to reap the world wind in this case.  On the other hand have you tried telling your spouse what a good person he is and the way he stood by you supporting you in the times you needed him the most? Have you thanked him for the good times and told him how grateful you are for what he has done?  Have you ever told your children they are the best the world ever has? Have you ever empathized with your partner for something that he is into that was not your fault, instead of criticizing him?

3.    Actions: How often do we write with permanent ink the wrongs a person has done and judge them based on the wrongs. How often do we bring these wrongs up in a situation just to defend ourselves?  We surely could have won the battle, but definitely will lose the war. My dear beloved let strive at winning the war. Let us sow action of love. Have you experienced a fact that when you were just dating the presence of your lover, filled the room with love, but as you both sowed action of negativism the relationship just reversed. Who is the cause of it? What have you  done to harvest this? You cannot uproot the seed you have sowed.  You can surely begin to sow good seeds and keep on sowing good seed and wait for a good harvest.  Remember the harvest is never immediate.  Seed plantation. time precedes harvest time. What you sow today you may not reap always tomorrow? There is a time for sowing and there is a time for reaping.

We are always sowing into lives---our own life, our spouse’s life, our children lives and other. The heart is the soil. We sow love, peace, joy, kindness as well as anger, hate, bitterness etc in people lives.  A person’s character is a summation of what he and others have sowed in his life.  You may say, “I have never sowed rebellion in my partner life, why is he so rebellious?”

  • Rocky or Thorny soil [Hard Hearted]. We all know this soil is the most difficult to produce crop. This person is come with a history.  He does not want listen to you or talk to you.

  • Well-watered soil. (Crops grow better, weeding is easier) If you assure and re-assure you relationship with love, kindness, gentleness and care daily and more often during the course of the day, you have a well-watered relationship.  In a relationship like this confronting the uncomfortable  portion of life become far more easier.




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